Well I’m glad you asked! All templates on the site are created with Adobe After Effects, the world’s leading motion graphics software. We've done all the design and animation heavy lifting so all you need to do is add your photos, videos and text to the placeholders to complete the video. With over 10 years experience with After Effects we put our expertise to use by creating unique videos that are guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd. The templates are easy to edit with photo or video and text areas that you can easily fill in with your content. Just drag & drop in your photo or video and type in your text in the placeholder compositions.
Once you have a working knowledge of After Effects customizing a template is very easy.What do I mean by “working knowledge”?Familiarizing yourself with the interface and terminology is a good first step, opening After Effects for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. If you’ve ever used any editing software it won’t take you much time to figure out how After Effects works. If this is your first time with any video or graphics software.
The latest most to date version is recommended however we understand that sometimes that option isn't available for various reasons. Most templates are compatible with version CS5.5 and above. More recent products are CS5.5 and above since our systems are not compatible with CS5.5 because of how old it is.
A .zip folder that includes the After Effects template file, instructions for customizing text and images, and Photoshop, .jpeg, or .mov source files needed to use the project. Be sure to copy all of the files from the .zip folder to your hard drive.
Step 1: Open the project and import the files you wish to add.Step 2: Locate the compositions where you'd like to make your changes.Step 3: Replace the placeholder element with yours.Step 4: Repeat for any remaining elements. 
We do not currently provide customization or template creation services. Thanks for asking!
The placeholder media used in the demo videos are not included and are only intended as an example of what a final project could look like . Our templates are designed so you can quickly and easily customize with your own photos, videos and music.
All of our templates are saved down to the earliest version of After Effects possible, typically CS5.5 You will be able to open most templates in versions CS5, CS6 and CC.  
We’re happy to provide email support for the default options in our templates. Contact us and someone will be back in touch ASAP.