Vivid Photos Slideshow After Effects Template

rying to figure out what an After Effects template is? Here’s a quick rundown.

After Effects templates are a fantastic resource for anybody looking to make their project look professional and customized. Let’s take a look at the wide world of After Effects templates.

What Are After Effects Templates?

An After Effects template is a customizable After Effects project file. Typically when a motion designer is working on a project in After Effects, they will use a file structure that is not formatted for other people to customize it. In a typical project file it’s not uncommon to see unnamed elements, poor organization, and confusing file structures. Templates, on the other hand, are labeled, well organized, and easy to understand.

A good After Effects template is designed in such a way that users can easily change text, colors, and design elements without needing to understand the complex file structures created by the Motion Graphic Designer. Typically a motion graphic designer will create compositions (timelines) that allow you to simply drag and drop your images or footage inside, and text fields that can be easily customized in a similar fashion to a text editor.

Some After Effects templates are used to create entire finished videos, while others are used to add in graphics to a video that’s already been created. There are also some After Effects templates that have been designed to create a certain effect. Our free After Effects template “Bright Photo Slideshow” is a great example of an effect-based After Effects template.

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