Video Copilot Basic Training Series


I know that it’s no news to anyone that Andrew Kramer makes great video tutorials that show people how to use After Effects. But it surprises me how few people seem to notice the Video Copilot Basic Training series that he provides.
I know that people want to jump right into doing cool stuff, but the only way that you’re going to be able to learn how to create anything that you can imagine—rather than just regurgitating what you see someone else do—is by learning the fundamentals. Clearly, Andrew agrees; otherwise he wouldn’t have spent so much time putting together this great introductory series.
Here’s my summary of what each episode shows especially well, as well as some links to documents that provide more information on the same topics.

Just don’t follow Andrew’s one bad habit: referring to effects as filters. Filters are destructive operations in applications like Photoshop. Effects are non-destructive operations, and all such image operations in After Effects are non-destructive.